My full name is Hyun-woo (pronounced "Hyunu," a bit like "Keanu" with an "H") Ralph Jeong. I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea until I moved to the states in 2001. My name Ralph comes from Raphael, my christian given name my mother randomly picked out when I was baptized. I started using it in high school because I just could not be bothered to teach my Korean name to a bunch of 14 year old kids who couldn't tell the difference between South and North Korea, or China, or Asia... (or any other countries on earth for that matter) 

Only after a long while, did I realize that "Ralph" was not exactly the most common name for a 14 year old Asian kid either, nor for anybody under the age of 82. When I went to college, I did attempt to revive my Korean name, thinking I'd sound more hip, and cool, and more "designer-like" by having a unique, foreign name, but failed miserably. One girl who knew me as Ralph who happened to have the best people skills introduced me to everyone at the entire school as Ralph. So I am still Ralph.

I am also a graphic designer. I graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California (where everybody knows me as Ralph) with a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design. Outside of my profession, I am a photographer, a golfer, a decent cook, a DJ, a reader of theoretical physics and philosophy, I build computers, play video games, I practice various types of martial arts, and I can solve a rubik's cube in under thirty seconds. I love keeping my mind occupied by learning new things (or it is possible that I may just have ADD).


For any inquiries or questions, please contact me at or 626 714 8744.